Your pool still needs maintenance during the offseason. Even though it’s closing now, you should still follow essential steps to ensure your pool can be easily opened again in the Spring!

First off, the cleaner your pool is when it’s covered, the less likely it is to develop algae. Scheduling a pre-closure cleaning with our Service Team means that we will do this for you! Here’s what else we can help you with this winter: 

1.    Preventing equipment from freezing. It’s important to drain water from your pump, pipes, and filter before closing. Otherwise, ice can cause equipment to crack in freezing temperatures, which will delay the opening of your pool and create hefty repair costs. 
Whenever possible, remove equipment and store it indoors to prevent weather damage. If the equipment can’t be moved indoors, then your Service Technician can check on it frequently when the weather begins to dip below freezing, to make sure it is dry.

2.    Making sure your water levels are proper. For Mesh covers, you want 15″ – 18″ below the top of the swimming pool. And for Solid covers, it’s 12″ – 16″.

This is important for supporting the weight of the snow on the cover. Allowing the water levels to drop below the recommendations will put excess stress on the cover, and may cause damage. Water that’s too high can negatively affect your coping tiles. Regularly clearing snow from your skimmer box to check the water levels, adding or removing water when necessary, is part of our weekly winter maintenance checklist. 

3.    Take care of your pool cover. To prevent sinking and loosening, clear your cover periodically to make sure it is free of leaves, dirt, and stagnant water. A water pump can sit on top of the cover to remove rain and melted snow for you.

We can also check that the cover remains tight, straps have proper tension, and bolts are secure, as this is crucial for preventing weather damage and keeping people or animals safe should they accidentally walk onto the cover.

Remember: The only way to “set and forget” your pool for the winter is to join our weekly winter maintenance schedule, and have us take care of the work for you! Call or email our Service Team to put your pool on the calendar. Then take it off your to-do list and enjoy that pumpkin spice latte!