What to Expect

At All American Custom Pools & Spas, we understand that the pool design and construction process can be intimidating. That’s why, from the moment you meet with your designer, we prepare your expectations, walking you through each step of the pool design and construction process. While each pool build differs somewhat due to design and site variations, the information we’ve provided here will help you prepare for your own pool construction. Your All American personal project manager will:

  • Guide you through the initial design and planning of your swimming pool.
  • Attend town, wetland, conservation and architectural review board meetings as necessary.
  • Acquire all necessary permits.
  • Plan for the sequenced construction of your swimming pool project.
  • Manage and coordinate all phases of construction.
  • Manage and coordinate year round post construction maintenance of your swimming pool projects.
  • Maintain regular communication and follow up with you regarding the progress of your pool project, always taking time to listen to and answer any of your questions or concerns

When you call All American Custom Pools & Spas, you’ll be surprised by how much personal attention you receive. We love answering questions regarding our company and your swimming pool construction and will never rush you off the phone or pressure you into making a purchase commitment. After our conversation, we may suggest a meeting at your home to further discuss your project.

By meeting with you on site, we can walk your property and talk with you in more detail to get a better sense of your style, needs and overall vision for your pool while also giving us the opportunity to make some recommendations. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know each other, browse through our portfolio and talk about design, budget, and timing of your project.

After visiting your site, we will create a preliminary design plan that addresses your functional and aesthetic needs, while also accommodating site parameters, such as building setbacks, wetland and conservation issues, and other restrictions that may be imposed on your site. We will then provide you with an estimate of costs and project plan.

All American Custom Pools & Spas offers the unique opportunity for you to experience a swimming pool environment in the comfort of our indoor showroom. By visiting our showroom, you can view working examples of our craftsmanship, see and touch pool and spa design features before making your own selection, and observe demonstrations of the latest in computer technology and pool lighting, all in the Old World environment of a villa courtyard on the Amalfi coast of Italy! While you’re there, we’ll present you with our design, review your costs and discuss your options regarding design elements and finishes.

We will meet once more at your home to review any design revisions and present the contract for your swimming pool project. Our contracts are very comprehensive, and this meeting gives us the opportunity to go over it in detail and answer any questions you may have before signing.

We prepare and submit pool construction drawings, along with all required permit applications and forms, to your town officials. Depending on your town, the plans and permits will be reviewed by the health, wetland, conservation, planning and zoning, and building department officers. Be prepared for this process to take 2 – 8 weeks before a permit is issued.

Before breaking ground, we will meet once more with you on your site and stake out the outline of the pool and/or spa on the determined location. Seeing it this way before breaking ground gives you one last chance to alter the layout or angle of the pool. We will then go over our construction schedule with you and make note of any special instructions you may have regarding work on your site.

Your pool construction process will occur in 7 phases:

  1. Excavation.
  2. Forming and steel in preparation for concrete.
  3. Applying the concrete shell of the pool under pressure.
  4. Setting of tile, coping and terrace.
  5. Application of the pool finish.
  6. Start-up – Once your pool is plastered it is filled with water and the start-up of your pool begins. Our service manager will give you an in depth orientation regarding the use and maintenance of your new swimming pool.
  7. Service – All American Custom Pools and Spas has a comprehensive Service Department with a fleet of trucks and a warehouse fully stocked with all chemicals and equipment needed to meet your pool needs. We maintain over 90% of the pools we build, and we’d like to do the same for yours. Whether you desire a full cleaning and maintenance routine or just need an occasional service, we’ll tailor a service plan to suit your specific needs and requirements.

The average length of construction is approximately forty-five days.