It’s off-season, but if you’re like us then you’re still thinking about your pool. Does it need repairs? A new look? What can you do to ensure a smooth spring opening?

Replacing the Liner: If you have a vinyl liner pool, then refreshing your aesthetic can be easy! If you’re not bothering to keep up with the last fashion trends, then a well-cared for liner can last for several years. Still, all those summers of enjoying the water and enduring the weather mean that eventually you will need to replace it. Good thing liner replacements are the fastest and most affordable methods of pool restoration! Look for these hints:

Pulling down at the corners and edges – these high-tension areas tend to show first when your pool is ready for a new liner. Look for loosening and gaps where the liner meets the coping
Stains and discoloration – liners can show their age with changes in their pigment or when it appears that the design has worn away. When it’s clear that years of acidic rain water, runoff, or algae build-up has stained your liner, it may be time for replacement. 
For pool owners that have gunite or plaster pools, you’ll know it’s time for replacement when the pool’s surfaces become scratchy and uncomfortable to touch or walk on. Fear not: replastering is not as scary as you think! Reach out to us to have your pool professionally inspected and restored.
Installing New Equipment: Technology changes quickly, and that includes pool equipment! Off-season is the best time to replace old or non-functioning tech in order to ensure smooth summertime operation. Here’s a few key areas where you can upgrade your pool:
 Heater – At the end of its life, a heater will tell you when it’s ready to retire! Constant need for repairs, or an inability to maintain the desired pool temperature may mean it’s time for replacement.

Filter – 89% of new pool constructions opt for a Cartridge filter instead of using sand or DE.  Are you ready for a low maintenance filter that doesn’t need to be backwashed?

Motor – The majority of new pools also feature a Variable Speed Pump, instead of the classic Single Speed, because of their energy efficiency and quiet performance. You can save water and money with programmable speed / flow settings, customizable filtration cycles, water feature timers, and automation. 
If you’d like to take advantage of the winter months to upgrade and restore your pool, let us know! We’re looking forward to rejuvenating your pool quickly so you can get excited for spring.
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