We’d like to thank you for choosing us as your pool service provider this year – each of our customers has a hand in helping us grow and improve our pool services. Do you have special people that you’d like to celebrate this year? 

Let us help you with gift ideas that pay it forward! Stand-alone Hot Tubs are an affordable way to take the swim season into the winter. Like a hot springs resort that you don’t have to drive to, a hot tub is the best way to find relief from cold, stress, and joint stiffness. 

Check out some of our favorite models from our partners at Tranquility Spas: 

LAKE CHAMPLAIN, 86″ x 86″ x 36″ – An accommodating tub that seats 7 Adults and features 40 Two Tone Jets! Match your yardscape perfectly when you choose from 18 different color schemes. 

KITTY HAWK, 78″ x 78″ x 36″ – A cozy layout for 5 Adults, with a lounge seating for true relaxation. This model has 26 Two Tone Jets and beautiful LED Lighted Water Fountains.

MONTICELLO, 86″ x 86″ x 36″ – With capacity for 6 Adults and a lounge seating, you can have the best of both the previous models plus 41 Two Tone Jets!

Give well-deserved rest and rejuvenation to the friend, spouse, or family members that got you through the year (or get it for yourself – you worked hard too!) Reserve your favorite model now in order to guarantee prompt delivery when they become available for installation in May! 

It’s time to sign up for our Winter Maintenance Program. During our visits, we will ensure that your water is at the proper level, perform computerized testing of your water, and balance the water chemistry as needed. This is the only way to “set and forget” your pool (and spa) until spring! 

Our Winter Maintenance Program is just $500. Call us to enroll!