Suburban Paradise

Modern Pool we built in Greenwich, CT

Case Study Details

This modern-style pool is a 20 x 50 foot gunite rectangle with a built-in spa, tanning ledge, and an autocover hidden in the deck. We broke ground on this build in December of 2021, at the same time as the house was being built around it. Due to the precise timing required to complete both projects concurrently, we worked in close coordination with the homeowners and the general contractor to create a build schedule that maximized efficiency.

Additionally, this pool is built “above grade”, meaning that it sits within a patio that is not on ground level. This allowed the pool deck to elegantly meet the elevated grade of the house, which was built into a hill. However, it also required extra planning and trenching for the appropriate plumbing track, as well as a “vault” of concrete footing that could support the structural enclosure designed to stabilize the entire pool.

The build was completed in September of 2022 while the house, operating mostly on solar energy as shown, was completed very soon after. The homeowners report that their pool, spa, and patio are gorgeous compliments to their home and a huge hit for everyone in the family – including their dog!

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